How Important Is Your Trade Entry Anyway?

Every trader needs to follow their own trade entry rules but it doesn't have to be as complex as you might think.

In short, trade entry rules are a stringent set of conditions that you develop, document and then apply, to decide when you are going to enter a trade. It doesn't matter what securities you're trading, you just need a consistent method of entry.

As in all aspects of trading, there are many theories on trade entry and how to exit trades. I believe the best way to approach entries should be simple, direct and leave nothing to human judgement.

This is contrary to the philosophy of many traders who buy stocks based on media reports, expert opinion, rumours and/or gut feel. The good news is that by acting contrarily, you will do what most traders never do… make a profit.

Once you get clear on your entry rules I suggest you focus the majority of your time getting your money management rules perfect.

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